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How We Do It

The process of producing pop-up books or any pop-up item is a complex one. In the case of a book, it all starts like any other kind of book, with an idea. The pop-up content is decided upon with author, editor and designer and then the pop-up designer or paper engineer can begin work.

The paper engineer gathers images of the subject to be ‘popped’ from as many angles as possible. In the case of a building or machine, plans are invaluable. A prototype is roughly made from white card, this is then taken apart and a cutter trace is made. Further prototypes are made and fine tuned until the pop-up works perfectly.

The final prototype, along with accurate cutter traces, is given to an illustrator to artwork. Final artworks are scanned, digitally proofed and assembled to check if they work.

From the disc, the printer is able to print the book and make a cutter for the pop-up pieces. This can be done by laser or by hand and is a very skilled task. The printed pop-up piece sheets are then passed through a cutting machine one at a time. The pop-up elements are assembled by hand and combined with the pages to make a complete book.

    • Read more about how it’s done (2.3mb PDF)
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