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About David Hawcock Books

So what’s it really like at David Hawcock Books? Well, sometimes, after a hard day’s thinking, cutting, folding and sticking David will emerge, new creation in hand and a well-earned smile on his face. This is the innovation process that has led to some of his highly-acclaimed books developed for the publishing industry. His reputation has led to commissions of promotion material for the Football Association and from music industry impresarios, where emphasis on the words ‘eye-catching’ and ‘dramatic’ is a must.

VIP tickets to cup finals and major concerts are an added bonus, but no less exciting is the creation of his many books for children – an area where the words ‘wonder’ and ‘delight’ come alive. And if all that seems too much fun, think of Edison’s belief that genius is 1 % inspiration, 99% perspiration and you’ll be much nearer to the truth!

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